Our Leather

Most of our leather is 100% vegetable tanned leather from Italy & the USA. It is the most natural leather you can possibly find & is unique as it will darken with age and use. 

Tanning the leather involves using bark and leaves that are high in tannins. The outcome is a very natural looking leather with scars and unique markings on it. 

The ageing process of your piece will be sped up depending on the use of the product and what it is exposed to in it's new environment. 

Examples of factors that can speed up the ageing process are sunlight, water, all oils (including the natural oil on your skin), dirt, friction on another material etc. Our natural colour that is un-dyed will go through the most change in colour of all the leathers. It may look dirty for a short period and then the colour generally evens out as the leather naturally darkens. 

Please note that all real, natural leathers will change colour and this is the beauty with owning a natural product. Change is inevitable and the patina is desired outcome to make it unique to you or your dog.